. "Pollination #3": a long-term collaborative exercise between different institutions across Southeast Asia initiated by The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre - Vietnam, in collaboration with SAM Funds for Art and Ecology and Selasar Sunaryo Art Space - Indonesia, and MAIIAM Contemporary Art Museum - Chiang Mai (2020 – 2021)

. "900mdpl”: A biennial long-term site-specific project in order to preserve the collective memories and create a socially-engaged archive of the space in Kaliurang – Yogyakarta (2017, 2019, 2021)

. "Transient Museum of a Thousand Conversations": the prototype of Museum of Kaliurang Community to create a plural narrative and collecting pieces of history trough remembrance, small talks, and tales as well as mundane details of the daily life, questioning how to create a museum on a land that never stops moving and preserving oral tradition as a possible form of a ‘museum’. The collection will be renewed every other year and the location of the museum will be constantly moving in Kaliurang - Yogyakarta (2019) and New York (2020).

.  "Curated by LIR": exhibition series characterized by the multi-disciplinary collaboration and often-performative exhibition. The projects aim  to foster continuous transgenerational transmission of knowledge, memory, and history (2018 – 2020)

. “Vanishing in The Process”: A reciprocal residency platform which initiated by Darwin Community Art - Australia, 98B Manila - Phillipines), and LIR Space – Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2017 – 2018)

. “Lokakarya Penciptaan Seni Berbasis Sejarah”: A three months long workshop project making in relation of history. This project initiated by Lir, FX. Harsono, and Yerry Wirawan. Intensive class that consist of talks  presentations, and reference classes, Lir Space – Yogyakarta (2017)

. “Tukar Guling”: A reciprocal residency platform to provide an economic and independent networking-    project making experience for young artist. This project initiated by Lir Space, by collaborate with Omni Space - Bandung, Grafis Huru Hara - Jakarta, and Indonesian Contemporary Fiber Art Movement - Jakarta (2016 – 2017)

. “Exhibition Laboratory (ExLab)”: A Laboratory for making solo exhibition. Three months alternative art education  (Workshop – Solo Exhibition) for young artists (two to four artist each term), Lir Space – Yogyakarta (2014 – 2018)

. “LaX”: One month medium based alternative art education (Experimenting The Medium – Group Exhibition). Intensive class that consist of talks  presentations, and reference classes, Lir Space - Yogyakarta (2016 – 2017)



. “Nothing Permanent on a Moving Ground”, ISCP – New York, 2020

. “Southeast Asia Art Watch: Indonesia”, SEA Focus – Singapore, 2020.

. “Be Like a Duck: Remain Calm on the Surface and Paddle Like Crazy Underneath”, Cropping Class #14 at Inkubator Inisiatif – Yogyakarta, 2019.

. “Jalan Berputar Menuju Venezia” (The Road Turns Toward Venezia), sharing sessions in GUDSKUL – Jakarta, Uma Seminyak – Bali, and LIR – Kaliurang, 2019.

. “Nongkrong”, organized by Helen Nisbet and G39, Cardiff – United Kingdom, 2018

. “Is It Working?”, symposium organized by Cemeti Institute for Art and Society and Hypen, Yogyakarta – Indonesia, 2018

. “Collective (Im)possibilities: The Politics of Too Many Dinner Party”, organized by Project Goleb, Amsterdam – The Netherland, 2017

. “FGFG: A Kitchen Debate”, organized by Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht – The Netherland, 2017

. “LIRxGDBGxNCCA” organized by Northern Center for Contemporary Art, Darwin – Australia, 2015



. “RAW Academie 6: CURA”, RAW Material Company, Dakar – Senegal, 2019

. Research residency at 98B, Manila – Phillipine, 2013 & 2018




. “Maaf Senin Tutup”, Solo Exhibition by Anggun Priambodo, Lir Space, Yogyakarta - December, 2018 [ENG|ID]

. "Permanent Osmosis", Solo Exhibition by Maryanto, Lir Space, Yogyakarta - Februari, 2019 [ENG|ID]

. "Courtesy of the Artists", Solo Exhibition by Akiq AW, Lir Space, Yogyakarta - March, 2019 [ENG|ID]


. "Loci Memoriae", Solo Exhibition by Kurniadi Widodo, Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta - September-October 2018 [ENG|ID]

. "Dalam Tiga Babak", Solo Exhibition by Alfin Agnuba, Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta - October 2018 [ENG|ID]

. "This is Away", Solo Exhibition by Dimaz Maulana, Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta - November-December 2018 [ENG|ID]

. "Tato Tolak Bala: Perlindungan Ampuh Warga Setempat", Solo Exhibition by Edita Atmadja, Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta - October, 2019 [ENG|ID]

. "Adegan yang Hilang: 1982-1985", Solo Exhibition by Arief Budiman, Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta - November, 2019 [ENG|ID]

. "Bualan Ikan: Narasi-Narasi yang Terseret Arus", Solo Exhibition by Adi Sundoro, Kedai Kebun Forum, Yogyakarta - November, 2019 [ENG|ID]



. 1st edition: “900mdpl”, Kaliurang - November, 2017

. 2nd edition: “900mdpl: Hantu-hantu Seribu Percakapan”, Kaliurang - October, 2019



. "Transient Museum of a Thousand Conversations", Group Exhibition, ISCP - New York, 2020 [ENG|ID]

. "Utara - Selatan", Group Exhibition, LIR Space, Yogyakarta - Indonesia, 2018 [ENG|ID]

. ", etc.", Group Exhibition, Jogja Contemporary, Yogyakarta - Indonesia, 2017 [ENG|ID]

. "Fine (Art) Dining", Performative Group Exhibition, Lir Space, Yogyakarta - Indonesia, 2016 [ENG|ID]


LIR SPACE (2011-2019)


. February, "Permanent Osmosis" | solo exhibition by Maryanto

. February, "The World is Flat" | public program by Boris Portnoy and Tara McDowell

. March, "Courtesy of the Artists" | solo exhibition by Akiq AW

. March, "House/Hostess" | a new work presentation by Arsita Iswardhani


. March, "Mother as an Image" | solo exhibition by Fiametta Gabriella curated by Sartika Dian Nuraini

. March, "On Moving Text" | solo exhibition by Arief Budiman curated by Akiq AW

. April, "Embroideroom" | solo exhibition by Gracia Veronica curated by Ardianti Permata Ayu

. April, "1921" | solo exhibition by Rachmad A.

. May, "You Won't Believe What Happens Next" | solo exhibition by Zia Fauziana

. May, "Runningggggg Slow" | solo exhibition by Eri Rama Putra curated by Gatari Surya Kusuma

. July-August, "Utara-Selatan" | group exhibition

. October, "Gallery Specific #01: Lir Space" | solo project by Maruto Ardi

. October, "For a While" | solo exhibition by 'Kutjh' Yudha

. November, "Hijrah' | solo exhibition by Yovista Ahtajida

. November, "Bersatu Kita Sekutu, Sendiri-Sendiri Kita Impromptu" | solo exhibition by Sekutu Imajiner

. Desember, "Maaf Senin Tutup" | solo exhibition by Anggun Priambodo


. January, "Transaction of Identities" | exhibition by Faida Rahma and Puji Lestari Ciptaningrum

. January-February, "A Spatial Pilgrime" | exhibition by Army Wiratama and Stephen Sanjaya, curated by Yuramia Oksilasari

. March, "Horseman" | solo exhibition by Dey Irfan

. April, "Index of Loneliness" | solo exhibition by Muhammad Fajrur Rahmat

. May, "Ini Bukan Ujian #2 / This is Not a Test #2 | Design Laboratory and Exhibition (DLax)

. May - June, "This Is (Not) a Final Test" | presentation by LaX: Laboratory and Exhibition

. June, "DLaX: This is (not) a Client" | group exhibition curated by Yonaz Kristy

. June, "ZAMAN" | a short research about Zine in Yogyakarta by Doni Singadikrama & Rahmawati Nur Azizah

. October, "Not All Who Wander Are Lost" | exhibition by Azizi Al Majid

. October, "Not (So) Political Wave Party" | exhibition by NPWP

. December - January (2018), "AMUT" | photography exhibition by Rangga Yudhistira and Vincent Parera


. February, "Beautiful Matters 2" | visual exhibition by Addydebil & Margaret Yap

. March, "Ini Bukan Ujian / This is Not a Test" | Video Laboratory and Exhibition : 01

. March, "Katanya, sih, katanya.." | solo exhibition by Dian Suci Rahmawati

. April, "Terali Memori" | solo exhibition by Karin Josephine

. April, "#samerprojek" | a video group show

. May, "On the Table - Exhibition Series" | three exhibitions in a month

. May, "Fine (Art) Dining | group exhibition by The Observant Club

. May, "(Not a) Book (but a) Show" | performative group exhibition

. July, "The Printing Show" | Flock Project x RAR edition 

. August, "Ecotapestry" | workshop & discussion by Indonesia Contemporary Fiber Art Movement

. August, "Idea Club: Planting Rice" | sharing & dicussion with Planting Rice

. September, "" | solo exhibition by Daud Sihombing

. September, "Empat Puluh Delapan Malam Jumat 08/09" | solo exhibition by Azhar Fathurrohman W.

. October, "Ini Bukan Ujian #2 / This is Not a Test #2" | group exhibition by LaX: Laboratory and Exhibition

. December, "Relationship // Aesthetic" | exhibition by Nasrul Akbar and Yonaz Kristy

. December, "Idea Club: Sunday Screen" | presentation and exhibition of Village Video Festival


. January, “Assembly Lines" | solo exhibition by Stereoflow 

. February, “Genealogy of Hope: Suratin ‘92” | solo exhibition by Dimaz Maulana 

. February, “f20.3” | solo exhibition by Isnen Bahar 

. March, “Contrary to Popular Belief,.. | solo exhibition by Putud Utama 

. March, “In Vrede” | solo exhibition by Antonius Ipur 

. March, “Much Love” | solo exhibition by Anna Paramita

. March, “A Noble Silence” | solo exhibition by Sarita Ibnoe 

. May, “Selected Unselected” | a solo project by Arda Awigarda

. May, “Dialog Tentang Batas” | solo exhibition by Danny Sanjaya

. May, “Betwixt and Between” | group exhibition curated by Mira Asriningtyas 

. August, a talk about Lir at Erudio School of Art, Jakarta. 

. August, "Don't be Afraid of the Dark" | new work presentation by Paper Jam Print

. August, "Memory Tapes" | new work presentation by Sandi Kalifadani

. September, "Heroik Parodial" | solo exhibition by Wahyu Eko

. September, "(Sub) Siklus" | solo exhibition by Gilang Nuari

. September, "Friend Visit Friend #2: Edita Atmaja" | residency program

. October, "LIR x GBDBG x NCCA" | a pop up alternative art space in Darwin, Australia

. October, "Living in a Bubble" | solo exhibition by Rudi Hermawan.

. October, "Botanica 1.1: Vanda Tricolor and Other Findings" | solo exhibition by Edita Atmaja

. December, "We are the Majority, Anyway" | solo exhibition by Faida Rachma

. December, "Bioskop Remadja" | solo exhibition by Okinawan A.M. 


. February, "Supper Snapshot" | photography exhibition by Oxalis Atindriyaratri and Maarten Wesselius feat. Studiomili

. April, “Tell Me a Tale!” | solo exhibition by Monster Buaya

. May, “Dinas Merchandise Yogyakarta” | solo exhibition by Gandhi Setyawan

. May, “Cita Rasa ‘75” | solo exhibition by Alfin Agnuba

. June, "Kelas Salah Jurusan” | solo exhibition by Cosmas Dipta

. June, “Between Media and Other Stories” | solo exhibition by Yonaz Kristy

. August, "Recollecting Memories: Tukang Foto Keliling" | new work presentation by Dito Yuwono, 

. November, “Camouflage: Under Constellation” | Group Exhibition curated by Havid Kurnia and Sanjonas 

. December, “Hello Waywolf” | collaborative exhibition by Deo Mahardika (Waywolf) 


. January, "Simalakamma and The Agents of Senses" | visual exhibition by Simalakamma

. March, "Familiar Faces" | photography exhibition by Dwi Putra

. April, "Via Regia" | group visual exhibition by Ketjil Bergerak

. May, "Eye to Eye" | photography exhibition by Budi ND Dharmawan and Kurniadi Widodo

. July, "Lunang" | new work presentation by Iwan Effendi

. September, "Gendis" | solo visual exhibition by Lala Bohang. October, "Happymart" | visual exhibition by Mahaputra Vito

. December, "KitaKits!" | mural project by Dex Fernandez x Farid Stevy Asta x Terra Bajhragosa x Prihatmoko Moki

. December, "Friend Visit Friend #1: Dex Fernandez" | residency program


. February, "Kebun Binatang Ojanto" | silk-screen exhibition by Nest of Ojantos

. February, "The Frankenstone Day" | band merchandise and memorabilia exhibition of the Frankenstone

. March, "Hi(s)tory" | visual exhibition by Octo Cornelius

. April, "Bela Bangsa" | group exhibition initiated by Belkastrelka

. April, "Tote 'em All" | one-day merchandise exhibition by Ican Harem

. April, "Strangely Beautiful" | photography exhibition by Sandi Kalifadani

. May, "The Last Dance / Ships Passing in the Night" | visual exhibition by Malcolm Smith

. June, "Disable Crowd" | project presentation by Hendra 'Hehe" Harsono

. July, "The Question" | visual exhibition by Alfonsus Lisnanto

. August, "Ngabubulir #2" | month-length series of art, photography, and craft workshop

. September, "Recycle Manga" | workshop and group exhibition by Mulyakarya Yk

. September, "Power of the Sun" | silk-screen exhibition of Prihatmoko 'Moki' Catur

. October, "Her Finger Power" | collage exhibition by lka Vantiani

. October, "Jogja Zine Attack 2012" | independent zine workshop and exhibition by lndra Menus

. November, "Unlock" | visual exhibition by Wulang Sunu

. November, "Mubal Generation" | postcard exhibition by DGTMB

. November, "Size" | project presentation by Anang Saptoto


. July, "The Eyes Have It" | painting workshop and exhibition by Kate Fielding and Ben Fox

. July, "Have We Met?" | photography exhibition by Dito Yuwono

. August, "Ngabubulir #1" | a month-length series of art, photography, and craft workshop

. September, "Jogja Zine Attack 2011" | independent zine workshop and exhibition by lndra Menus

. October, "Emoticon" | photography exhibition by Stanislaus Yoga

. October, "Toycam <3 Jogja" | toy-camera photography exhibition by Klastic Yk

. November, "In Exile: Inner Sanctum" | visual exhibition by Bagus Jalang

. December, "Spoken Belief" | a folklore-themed group exhibition by Alphabeta Journal