. "The Hunters" (2021) MAIELIE - Khon Kaen
    . "A Roof Over Your Head" (2020) KKF - Yogyakarta
    “Bualan Ikan: Narasi-Narasi yang Terseret Arus” (2019) KKF - Yogyakarta
    “Adegan yang Hilang: 1982 – 1985” (2019) KKF - Yogyakarta
    “Tato Tolak Bala: Perlindungan Ampuh Warga Setempat” (2019) KKF - Yogyakarta
    "Courtesy of The Artists" (2019) LIR Space - Yogyakarta
    "Permanent Osmosis" (2019) LIR Space - Yogyakarta
    "Maaf Senin Tutup" (2018) LIR Space - Yogyakarta
    “UTARA-SELATAN” (2018) LIR Space - Yogyakarta
    “Loci Memoriae” (2018) KKF - Yogyakarta
    “Dalam Tiga Babak” (2018) KKF - Yogyakarta
    “This is Away” (2018) KKF - Yogyakarta
    ", etc." (2017) Jogja Contemporary - Yogyakarta
    "Fine (Art) Dining" (2016) LIR Space - Yogyakarta

    LIR Space (2011-2019)

    In 2011-2019, LIR was a brick and mortar independent art space that aims to build a supportive and positive environment for young artists in Yogyakarta before turning nomadic mid-2019. LIR Space focused on a laboratory platform for alternative education for young artists, and creating research-based art projects, and using independently‐published book as an alternative space for exhibition. The programs are widely ranged from exhibition to movie screening, discussions, workshop, music performance, to residency.

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