• . LIRSpace (2011-2019) .

    February, "Permanent Osmosis" | solo exhibition by Maryanto
    February, "The World is FLat" | public program by Boris Portnoy and Tara McDowell
    March, "Courtesy of the Artists" | solo exhibition by Akiq AW
    March, "House/Hostess" | a new work presentation by Arsita Iswardhani
    March, "Mother as an Image" | solo exhibition by Fiametta Gabriella curated by Sartika Dian Nuraini
    March, "On Moving Text" | solo exhibition by Arief Budiman curated by Akiq AW
    April, "Embroideroom" | solo exhibition by Gracia Veronica curated by Ardianti Permata Ayu
    April, "1921" | solo exhibition by Rachmad A.
    May, "You Won't Believe What Happens Next" | solo exhibition by Zia Fauziana
    May, "Runningggggg Slow" | solo exhibition by Eri Rama Putra curated by Gatari Surya Kusuma
    July-August, "Utara-Selatan" | group exhibition
    October, "Gallery Specific #01: Lir Space" | solo project by Maruto Ardi
    October, "For a While" | solo exhibition by 'Kutjh' Yudha
    November, "Hijrah' | solo exhibition by Yovista Ahtajida
    November, "Bersatu Kita Sekutu, Sendiri-Sendiri Kita Impromptu" | solo exhibition by Sekutu Imajiner
    Desember, "Maaf Senin Tutup" | solo exhibition by Anggun Priambodo
    January, "Transaction of Identities" | exhibition by Faida Rahma and Puji Lestari Ciptaningrum
    January-February, "A Spatial Pilgrime" | exhibition by Army Wiratama and Stephen Sanjaya, curated by Yuramia Oksilasari
    March, "Horseman" | solo exhibition by Dey Irfan
    April, "Index of Loneliness" | solo exhibition by Muhammad Fajrur Rahmat
    May, "Ini Bukan Ujian #2 / This is Not a Test #2 | Design Laboratory and Exhibition (DLax)
    May-June, "This Is (Not) a Final Test" | presentation by LaX: Laboratory and Exhibition
    June, "DLaX: This is (not) a Client" | group exhibition curated by Yonaz Kristy
    June, "ZAMAN" | a short research about Zine in Yogyakarta by Doni Singadikrama & Rahmawati Nur Azizah
    October, "Not All Who Wander Are Lost" | exhibition by Azizi Al Majid
    October, "Not (So) Political Wave Party" | exhibition by NPWP
    December - January (2018), "AMUT" | photography exhibition by Rangga Yudhistira and Vincent Parera
    February, "Beautiful Matters 2" | visual exhibition by Addydebil & Margaret Yap
    March, "Ini Bukan Ujian / This is Not a Test" | Video Laboratory and Exhibition : 01
    March, "Katanya, sih, katanya.." | solo exhibition by Dian Suci Rahmawati
    April, "Terali Memori" | solo exhibition by Karin Josephine
    April, "#samerprojek" | a video group show
    May, "On the Table - Exhibition Series" | three exhibitions in a month
    May, "Fine (Art) Dining | group exhibition by The Observant Club
    May, "(Not a) Book (but a) Show" | performative group exhibition
    July, "The Printing Show" | Flock Project x RAR edition 
    August, "Ecotapestry" | workshop & discussion by Indonesia Contemporary Fiber Art Movement
    August, "Idea Club: Planting Rice" | sharing & dicussion with Planting Rice
    September, "Re.i.fi.kasi" | solo exhibition by Daud Sihombing
    September, "Empat Puluh Delapan Malam Jumat 08/09" | solo exhibition by Azhar Fathurrohman W.
    October, "Ini Bukan Ujian #2 / This is Not a Test #2" | group exhibition by LaX: Laboratory and Exhibition
    December, "Relationship // Aesthetic" | exhibition by Nasrul Akbar and Yonaz Kristy
    December, "Idea Club: Sunday Screen" | presentation and exhibition of Village Video Festival
    January, “Assembly Lines" | solo exhibition by Stereoflow 
    February, “Genealogy of Hope: Suratin ‘92” | solo exhibition by Dimaz Maulana 
    February, “f20.3” | solo exhibition by Isnen Bahar 
    March, “Contrary to Popular Belief,.. | solo exhibition by Putud Utama 
    March, “In Vrede” | solo exhibition by Antonius Ipur 
    March, “Much Love” | solo exhibition by Anna Paramita
    March, “A Noble Silence” | solo exhibition by Sarita Ibnoe 
    May, “Selected Unselected” | a solo project by Arda Awigarda
    May, “Dialog Tentang Batas” | solo exhibition by Danny Sanjaya
    May, “Betwixt and Between” | group exhibition curated by Mira Asriningtyas 
    August, a talk about Lir at Erudio School of Art, Jakarta. 
    August, "Don't be Afraid of the Dark" | new work presentation by Paper Jam Print
    August, "Memory Tapes" | new work presentation by Sandi Kalifadani
    September, "Heroik Parodial" | solo exhibition by Wahyu Eko
    September, "(Sub) Siklus" | solo exhibition by Gilang Nuari
    September, "Friend Visit Friend #2: Edita Atmaja" | residency program
    October, "LIR x GBDBG x NCCA" | a pop up alternative art space in Darwin, Australia
    October, "Living in a Bubble" | solo exhibition by Rudi Hermawan.
    October, "Botanica 1.1: Vanda Tricolor and Other Findings" | solo exhibition by Edita Atmaja
    December, "We are the Majority, Anyway" | solo exhibition by Faida Rachma
    December, "Bioskop Remadja" | solo exhibition by Okinawan A.M. 
    February, "Supper Snapshot" | photography exhibition by Oxalis Atindriyaratri and Maarten Wesselius feat. Studiomili
    April, “Tell Me a Tale!” | solo exhibition by Monster Buaya
    May, “Dinas Merchandise Yogyakarta” | solo exhibition by Gandhi Setyawan
    May, “Cita Rasa ‘75” | solo exhibition by Alfin Agnuba
    June, "Kelas Salah Jurusan” | solo exhibition by Cosmas Dipta
    June, “Between Media and Other Stories” | solo exhibition by Yonaz Kristy
    August, "Recollecting Memories: Tukang Foto Keliling" | new work presentation by Dito Yuwono, 
    November, “Camouflage: Under Constellation” | Group Exhibition curated by Havid Kurnia and Sanjonas 
    December, “Hello Waywolf” | collaborative exhibition by Deo Mahardika (Waywolf) 
    January, "Simalakamma and The Agents of Senses" | visual exhibition by Simalakamma
    March, "Familiar Faces" | photography exhibition by Dwi Putra
    April, "Via Regia" | group visual exhibition by Ketjil Bergerak
    May, "Eye to Eye" | photography exhibition by Budi ND Dharmawan and Kurniadi Widodo
    July, "Lunang" | new work presentation by Iwan Effendi
    September, "Gendis" | solo visual exhibition by Lala Bohang. October, "Happymart" | visual exhibition by Mahaputra Vito
    December, "KitaKits!" | mural project by Dex Fernandez x Farid Stevy Asta x Terra Bajhragosa x Prihatmoko Moki
    December, "Friend Visit Friend #1: Dex Fernandez" | residency program

    February, "Kebun Binatang Ojanto" | silk-screen exhibition by Nest of Ojantos
    February, "The Frankenstone Day" | band merchandise and memorabilia exhibition of the Frankenstone
    March, "Hi(s)tory" | visual exhibition by Octo Cornelius
    April, "Bela Bangsa" | group exhibition initiated by Belkastrelka
    April, "Tote 'em All" | one-day merchandise exhibition by Ican Harem
    April, "Strangely Beautiful" | photography exhibition by Sandi Kalifadani
    May, "The Last Dance / Ships Passing in the Night" | visual exhibition by Malcolm Smith
    June, "Disable Crowd" | project presentation by Hendra 'Hehe" Harsono
    July, "The Question" | visual exhibition by Alfonsus Lisnanto
    August, "Ngabubulir #2" | month-length series of art, photography, and craft workshop
    September, "Recycle Manga" | workshop and group exhibition by Mulyakarya Yk
    September, "Power of the Sun" | silk-screen exhibition of Prihatmoko 'Moki' Catur
    October, "Her Finger Power" | collage exhibition by lka Vantiani
    October, "Jogja Zine Attack 2012" | independent zine workshop and exhibition by lndra Menus
    November, "Unlock" | visual exhibition by Wulang Sunu
    November, "Mubal Generation" | postcard exhibition by DGTMB
    November, "Size" | project presentation by Anang Saptoto
    July, "The Eyes Have It" | painting workshop and exhibition by Kate Fielding and Ben Fox
    July, "Have We Met?" | photography exhibition by Dito Yuwono
    August, "Ngabubulir #1" | a month-length series of art, photography, and craft workshop
    September, "Jogja Zine Attack 2011" | independent zine workshop and exhibition by lndra Menus
    October, "Emoticon" | photography exhibition by Stanislaus Yoga
    October, "Toycam <3 Jogja" | toy-camera photography exhibition by Klastic Yk
    November, "In Exile: Inner Sanctum" | visual exhibition by Bagus Jalang
    December, "Spoken Belief" | a folklore-themed group exhibition by Alphabeta Journal