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The Betwixt and Between.
“Betwixt and Between” define the midway position chosen by Lir Space since it was established in 2011. It is neither one thing nor another, and yet, at the same time.. it is one thing and another. It was first built from a dream of establishing an independent bookshop and since its early days, Lir always consists of different elements. In five years, it evolves and changes.

The way we see It now, Lir is an art space with a reading room to make and do. The restaurant and the shop are our way to connect with wider audience and act as our support system in order to remain independent. It is also where people meet to share ideas and conversation. 

The in-between-ness of Lir is also reflected in its location in between the geo-social axis of Yogyakarta. The city is known to have scholars nesting in the Northern part and artists residing in the Southern end.  Lir chose a location, a little bit hidden, in between the two. We are translating our location into our stance as an interdisciplinary art and creative space. Lir does not cater to a specific type of artist or medium, and rather, we open our doors to visual artists, crafters, illustrators, scholars, researcher, outsider-artist and many more.

In the last six years and counting, we have held a mix of programs, ranging from debut exhibition for new artists to opportunities for established artists to try something outside their comfort zone. Our mission right now is to provide an alternative learning method through sharing, discussion, and by creating a positive environment for young artists.

About Lir.
Lir was once a dream. It was built with passion and love. The idea was simple, it was meant to be a little hideaway where people can peacefully read, mingle, meet and greet, and share warm thoughts. We love to feel the air full of conversation lingering and fluttering like invisible butterflies.

The heart and mind of Lir is its small-yet-busy alternative art space, Lir Space, that has been running since June 2011 and regularly exhibit the work of both local and international artists. At Lir Space, young artists can exhibit their work and new talents are provided with enough space for exploration. We aim to support younger artist  who is just begin testing the water of the art world and who is interested in making a solo exhibition as a way to learn. We've happily held several solo exhibitions by Indonesian young contemporary artist,and already filled up a busy schedule of continuous exhibition from painting, photography,collage,and even mixtapes. Sometime, the exhibition was a result of a long exploration of thoughts, materials, and endurance. Other time, it was an old dream of the young artist that comes true. Whenever you eat at Lir or buy an artist’s merchandise, you are actually supporting a piece of these dreams. 

We believe that creativity can always burst out from such an unintended moment. In a corner of an old town, through all small-clubs rose from this place; we try to be a witness of such precious moments in our life while having a sip of warm fennel tea. It is a place to make and do, to meet and to greet.

Lir. | as a curatorial platform.
In the past five years since Lir was established (2011), one thing we have learned is how running a space is pretty much like curating. We select artist, creating projects, making alternative art education platforms, encouraging knowledge sharing and productions, and wrap them up in big yearly programs. At first, we are curating an art space. Then, having the freedom of being the ‘alternative’, the ‘organic’, and the ‘in-between’ provide us with opportunity to try new forms of our art practices. That is how Lir become a curatorial platform and an artist- curator collective, performed by the two founders: Mira Asriningtyas and Dito Yuwono.  Having Lir as an independent form of artist-curator collective allows us to create projects in Lir's curatorial platform at other location outside Lir Space. Some projects we made together are: “Exhibition Laboratory” (2014-now), “Video Laboratory and Exhibition” (2016), “The Observant Club” (2015-now), and “On the Table – Exhibition Series” (2016)
Lir Space | Program
Lir Space welcomes application from curators and young/ emerging artists for solo or small group exhibitions in one or both our gallery spaces. Aside from our regular line up of solo exhibitions, we also organize other programs such as:
  • Ex.Lab. (Exhibition Laboratory)
  • VLaX (Video Laboratory and Exhibition)
  • Friend Visit Friend : Residency Program
  • New Work Presentation
  • MURAKABI (Mural Kampung Baciro)
  • The Observant Club
  • Independent Book Making Club
  • Idea Club

The Observant Club.
The Observant Club is a curatorial research platform initiated by Lir. In every research, there will be one big theme related to the latest trend in the art scene.  This big theme is later divided into several art projects. The project can be in a form of performance, exhibition, or in-depth exploration of a certain issue. The final result of each big research theme is a book. The first research done by The Observant Club was about food-based art project and it was delivered in three projects: Calibrating Senses (2015), The Soto Project (2016) and Fine (Art) Dining (2016). 

Lir Shop | Program
In line with our attempt to stay independent, we also support young artists and crafter to sell their merchandise in our shop. Aside from art-related programs, we also run a small restaurant that can be your next gathering space to conduct discussion, meet people, and have your coffee with a good cause. For those who wish to have a special celebration fixed in particular taste, contact our “(not so) Secret Dining Club” staff and plans your party with personal customization. Other than that, we also have participatory music events: Folk Afternoon and Walk the Folk, eliminating the boundary between the audience and the performance with a humble gathering spirit. Check out our instagram (@lirspace) for the latest update of our program.

Director | In-House Curator : Mira Asriningtyas (
Artistic Director | Program Manager: Dito Yuwono (

Gallery Assistant: Yonaz Kristy Sanjaya
Music Event Manager : Sandi Kalifadani (@folkafternoon | Folk Afternoon)

Staff: Faida Rachma | Haryono Lutfi | Yuramia Oksilasari  

Curators | Profile.

Mira Asriningtyas

Mira Asriningtyas (INDONESIA) works as an independent curator and writer in Yogyakarta. In 2011 she founded an independent space that aims to build a supportive and positive environment for young artists– Lir Space, Yogyakarta; focusing on a laboratory platform as alternative education for young artists, creating research-based artistic projects, and using independently-published book as an alternative space for exhibition. At the end of 2011, she undergoes an internship as a curator assistant at Selasar Sunaryo Art Space – Bandung through Magang Nusantara Kelola. In 2013, she was chosen as one of the curators in Young Curator Forum of Cemeti Art House, Indonesia. In the same year, she went for a residency and research program at 98B COLLABoratory, Manila – Philippine. In 2014, she was selected to be part of the Young Curators Workshop by the Japan Foundation and 4A Curators' Intensive 2014 in 4A Sydney with a travel grant from NCCA (Darwin). At the moment she is undergoing De Appel Curatorial Program 2016/2017 at De Appel Art Center – Amsterdam. Mira is especially interested in conceptually-driven projects, presenting the process of making art, combining different academics backgrounds and disciplines, while playing with the tension between the private and the public. She actively performs the act of flânerie in her curatorial work, reusing abandoned places and public space as project site, presenting artworks with emphasis on spatial practice. Some of her latest projects are “Poetry of Space” with the Japan Foundation - Jakarta; “Exhibition Laboratory (Ex.Lab.)” at Lir Space – Jogja; and “The Memories of Unidentified Experience” and “Breaking Records with Rocket” at Kedai Kebun Forum (KKF) – Jogja. She is now working as the in-house curator for Lir Space and independently. Aside of curatorial notes, her other art essays can be found in magazines such as Things!, Elle Décor, Dewi and also in visual art exhibition catalogs. |

Dito Yuwono

Dito Yuwono (INDONESIA) is a visual artist from Yogyakarta. He graduated fro, Mass Communication from the Faculty of Social Science and Politics. He is member of Mes56 Artist Collective and Co-Founder of Lir Space. Lir Space is an independent space that aims to build a supportive and positive environment for young artists – Lir Space, Yogyakarta; focusing on a laboratory platform as alternative education for young artists, creating research-based artistic projects, and using independently-published book as an alternative space for exhibition. In the past five years, Dito has been undergoing numerous residencies as part of his artistic practice. Among those are research and residency programs in 98B COLLABoratory – Philippine, The Northern Center for Contemporary Art – Australia, Ruang Rupa – Jakarta, and Village Video Festival – Jatiwangi Art Factory. Dito’s artistic practice is varied between photography, mix-media installation, video, and performance. Dito is especially interested in working with community and recollecting memories to find the link between memory-citizen-history. His work often serves as a form of storytelling using personal approach to subtly grasp the bigger picture of socio-political environment. These issues are often brought up in every residency and projects that he does, in Indonesia and abroad. The artist is now living and working in Yogyakarta. Some of his latest solo projects are “Have We Met?” (Lir Space – Yogyakarta, 2011), “Finding Stillness” (Artsphere – Jakarta, 2012), “The Memories of Unidentified Experience” (KKF – Yogyakarta, 2014),  “Recollecting Memories: Tukang Foto Keliling” (Kaliurang – Yogyakarta, 2013 and Ruang Rupa – Jakarta, 2015), and “Geography of Here and There” (NCCA – Darwin Australia, 2016). |