"Ini Bukan Ujian / This is Not a Test"
Artist: Damar Rakhmayastri, Deidra Mesayu, Haryo Rachmantyo Wijowarastro, Kurniadi Widodo, Kevin Aldrianza, Rachmad Affandi, Viki Restina Bela 
Curator: Lir | March 15 - 20, 2016

"Ini Bukan Ujian | This is Not a Test" is an exhibition that mark the end of every class series of 'LaX: Laboratory and Exhibition'. Each LaX class series is conducted to learn about a specific medium of art making. At the beginning of 2016, we started the class series by learning about video as art medium in VLaX (Video Laboratory and Exhibition). This time, we are trying to experiment with comic as chosen medium in Comic Laboratory and Exhibition (CLaX). As a laboratory, the possibilities of end project from this class is open to each classes' discussion and agreements.

CLaX invited six young people from different backgrounds to join the class with three mentors;  Terra Bajragosa (Lecturer / Artist), Mulyakarya (artist collective), and RAR Edition (independent publishing and zine maker). During the class, we learn about the history of comic, the development of comic presentation that is not only limited as published material, finding out about the concepts and materiality of a comic to further experiment with it.

The works presented in the end project of this class are varied between mural panels responding to the environment to playing with the idea of sequence, drawing, and speech baloon in comics, and also experimenting with comic in a video.