Idea Club: Planting Rice

"Idea Club X Planting Rice"
August, 21 2016

Planting Rice is a virtual platform and curatorial collaborative by Lian Ladia and Sidd Perez. It aimed to support the rise of intersecting dialogues and other modes of cross-pollination among artistic communities. It has distributed information on vital exhibitions, events, projects, places and influences by art professionals from Southeast Asia, Australia, the United States who maintain networks and crossovers in the Philippines since 2011.

In this discussion, Lian and Sidd unpick the initial confrontation they had with what they saw as a contingent and "ungrounded" contemporary art terrain. They question this impetus that drove them to reflect on their 2011-2015 curatorial programs aimed at repotentialising spaces, honoring autonomy and navigating an economy that redefines values amongst artists, art workers and other kinds of partners-in-crime in Southeast Asia and the Philippines.