Assembly Lines

“Assembly Lines”
Artist: Stereoflow | Curator: Riksa Affiaty  | January 17 – 31,  2015

“Assembly Lines” is a solo exhibition by street artist, Stereoflow. He often employ some method and notion around music through his artistic practice. In preparing for this show, he observe the area around Lir and create a mural in respond to a chicken noodle soup seller who make his delivery on a motorcycle.


“Assembly Lines” adalah pameran tunggal seorang street artist, Stereoflow. Ia kerap menggunakan metode dan gagasan seputar musik dalam praktek artistik yang dilakukannya. Dalam mempersiapkan pameran ini, ia melakukan observasi di area seputar Lir dan membuat sebuah mural sebagai respon atas kekagumannya melihat penjual mie ayam yang mengirimkan pesanan makanan dengan sepeda motor.

(Funk Delivery mural)

"This is the mural made near Lir Space. I titled it "Funk Delivery" because it was inspired by the local delivery man that delivers noodles to the houses around Lir Space. The unique thing about this delivery man is that he rides a motorcycle with one hand one the accelerator and the other hand holding a food tray with up to eight noodle bowls"-Stereoflow